Hofer | Humer Rechtsanwälte

(Dr. Josef Hofer und Mag. Dr. Thomas Humer GesbR)

A-4600 Wels, Dr. Koss-Strasse 2
UID ATU48290406 / DVR 1044079

Josef Hofer, M.B.L.-HSG and Thomas Humer are Austrian attorneys-at-law, registered trustees and members of the Upper Austrian Bar Association, A-4020 Linz, Gruberstrasse 21

Applicable professional law:

Lawyers Code (RAO), Statute on the Practice of the Profession of European Lawyers in Austria (EuRAG), Attorney's Fees Act (RATG), Autonomous Criteria on Attorney's Fees (AHK), Code of Professional Conduct (RL-BA), Disciplinary Regulations (Dst.), Master Rules of Arbitration

(Wording of the law and applicable professional law available at the Austrian Bar Association (OeRAK)

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